Oil Spill

Oil spill kits for first responders are essential tools for hazardous waste management – 07

Oil Spill

Oil Spill
A shovel sits in oil-covered sand at Ao Phrao beach as volunteers work to clean up the area after a major oil slick hit the island of Ko Samet on July 31, 2013. Environmentalists accused a Thai energy firm on July 30 of understating the extent of the major pipeline leak as the navy warned the oil slick might reach the mainland. Tourists were leaving the resort island of Ko Samet in the Gulf of Thailand as workers in protective suits used hoses, buckets and shovels to clean up blackened sand and oil which washed ashore on a once-idyllic beach. AFP PHOTO / Nicolas ASFOURINICOLAS ASFOURI/AFP/Getty Images

In Nigeria there is a great demand for professional hazardous waste management services. Many companies suffer financial loss and have a negative impact on the environment by not being prepared for hazardous spills, or by being complacent about their responsibility to the environment and their staff members. Oil spills account for a large portion of the hazardous waste management tasks faced by first responders. Unfortunately, an oil spill has immediate and long term negative effects on the natural environment and many companies in Nigeria rely on external emergency hazardous waste and environmental waste management specialists, to assist with the response to and clean up of such disasters.

Those tasked with hazardous waste management must ensure that oil spill kits are easily accessible and readily available to any and all first responders, at the site of an oil spill. A spill kit, which is a collection of items to be effectively used in the immediate clean up of spills, leaks and discharges of hazardous waste, must be kept in close proximity to areas where chemicals or hazardous oils are managed, stored and being used. All employees on sight and working in the area must be trained on how to make use of the spill kit and must also be familiar with its location at all times. At least this is what is required if you want your business to be compliant with various industry regulations in place and of course, safe at all times.

By turning to professional hazardous waste management companies operating in Nigeria, you can obtain well-designed oil spill kits for use at your plan

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