Why Macro burn incinerators are the top choice for Industrial waste management

When it comes to finding a suitable incinerator for industrial waste management, MACROburn incinerators are the obvious choice. This particular brand has made a name for itself in the industrial waste disposal industry over the years and certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to functionality. Why are MACROburn incinerators the top choice in the industrial market? Below are the top three reasons why you should choose a MACROburn incinerator for your waste management:

  • Installation of a MACROburn incinerator is simple and requires no refractory work on site.
  • Operation of MACROburn incinerators is simple enough to be carried out by unskilled labour.
  • MACROburn incinerators are smokeless and odour-free due to combustion being fully automatic.

The fact that these incinerators are able to effectively manage solid, gas and liquid waste also makes them an all-in-one solution to industrial businesses that take their waste management seriously. There is nothing complicated about the MACROburn range of incinerators and this is quite evident in their simple yet robust design that features few mechanical parts but a reliability and durability that cannot be matched.

There are various chimneys and flues that can be top mounted as well as auxiliary fuel and burners, available to ensure that the MACROburn incinerator works at its best.

Paschal Technical Services supplies top quality Industrial Waste Incinerators to the Nigerian market.

In Nigeria, there is a demand for effective waste management solutions and that is where Paschal Technical Services shines. While we are waste management consultants, we also present the market with a variety of waste disposal and management products that can be used in-house. We stock and install MACROburn incinerators and can make sure your staff members are shown precisely how to manage the incinerator and the tasks involved for effective industrial waste management.

If you would like to learn more about industrial waste management and which incinerator is best suited to your specific needs, contact us at Paschal Technical Services today.

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